In living, we create the vista.

The homes we build brighten the lives and create beautiful scenery

HOKUSHU's founding was in 1958.
"Bringing comfortable, warm living to the north." HOKUSHU began at this point, and to this day we have passionately dedicated ourselves to the research and development of Japan's leading high efficiency residential homes. In the future, we will continue to follow our own trends in providing all-around satisfaction in the lifestyles of our customers.
We hope that as time passes by, our homes continue to brighten the lives that dwell within, creating a more beautiful landscape.


Message from the President,

A real and authentic home contributes to a happy Life

We are pleased to announce that Hokushu is celebrating 63 years since its foundation. "Creating a rich culture of homebuiling in Northern Japan" has been our focus and passion right up until the present day. What began as a building materials retail business is now also a builder of houses. At first glance, these two sides of our business might appear to be natural competitors. Across the entire construction sector, it is certainly a rare thing to find a company with this business model. Yet, with our daily involvement at the cutting edge of the building materials business, we are ideally placed to get new information fast and make use of it directly in our own house building projects and in cooperation with local engineering firms and builders. So the real strength of our company is a total of many strengths and synergies honed over years of experience in two different, but complementary, fields.

In the wake of the 3.11 earthquake and the consumption tax rise, the building trade is going through a period of major reorganization. Nevertheless our level of service, has remained an absolute constant. We are certain that now, as always, the genuine article - one of our homes - will bring our customers a great deal of happiness. Our philosophy has never been just to build according to today's standards; we have always worked as hard as we can to build homes for the higher standards of 20, 30 or 40 years in the future.

Always taking on new challenges, stepping forward into new fields and developing plans for the continuous and organic evolution of the company. These things are in our DNA, this is our identity. We will continue to provide our customers with homes for rich and fulfilling lives, built using the most advanced techniques and materials available. Expect a lot from us in the next half century.

President and CEO Hiromi Murakami

Construction/materials Division

The sales of construction and building materials that are the basis for HOKUSHU's development are ranked number one in Iwate Prefecture, and as building material retailers, we have an impeccable and nationally top-ranked track record. For our current clientele of building contractors and builders we provide total support service, not only for building materials but also for sales support for the manufacturing and construction of structural frameworks. In addition, our company specializes in importing materials specializing in flooring which is sold nation-wide.

Housing Division (HOKUSHU Housing)

Begun in 1979 with the aim of providing snow and cold-resistant housing, the business focuses on custom-made homes built with a wooden frame construction. We currently employ a double insulation system using 2×6 wood walls and Alsecco external insulation system. The Q value (the heat loss coefficient) and the C value (the equivalent area gap) shows that we have a world-ranking high level of air tightness and heat insulation. We provide beautifully ageing zero-energy houses.

HOKUSHU Home Renovation Center

We improve the basic performance of the housing stock (existing homes), to facilitate reselling the used home in the market. We also make innovative efforts to enhance the asset value of used houses in Japan.

We will continue to create home values for our lifetime clients and all future customers. In addition, in one show room we can provide one-stop service for any itinerary ranging from new construction to renovation and sale consultation.


Alsecco's External Insulation Composite System boasts the top share in Germany, the most environmentally advanced country in the world. Alsecco has given the sole distributorship to HOKUSHU, and we are developing a nationwide sales network in Japan. In Europe, external insulation systems are widely used to realize a high performing envelope of buildings in order to reduce the environmental impact. From the beginning of the year 2008 year, this system has been sold in Japan for renovation of existing buildings as well as for new buildings, for private homes as well as governmental projects.


Tied up with various industrial, academic, and government fields, we are developing original products and architectural technology to build original high-performance residential homes.

Corporate Name HOKUSHU Co., Ltd.
Founded March 1958
Incorporated November 1968
Capital 100 million yen (equity ratio 59.8%)
Employees 375(as of December,2020)
Fiscal Year End August
Headquarters 9-2-2 Narita Tomiya city Miyagi
Head Office 23‐61‐1 Kitaoniyanagi Kitakami city Iwate
Line Bank Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Sendai branch
77 Bank, Izumi branch
Iwate Bank, Sendai Sales Division
Japan Finance Corporation, Morioka Branch
Board of Directors
President and CEO Hiromi Murakami
Director Yutaka Fujiwara
  Hideto Yoshihara
  Hiroshi Fujiwara
Auditor Yoshihiko Kashiwada
  Ken Nakamura
Sales 13,320,000,000yen
(Fiscal Year 2020)
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Headquarters: 9-2-2 Narita Tomiya city Miyagi

Head Office: 23-61-1 Kiyaoniyanagi Kitakami city Iwate